We love our Ricky!!!

Hi I’m Ricky!

I’m a Navy V-22 Osprey production test pilot that got stationed here in Amarillo around April 2020 during the heat of the COVID lockdowns. I did not know anyone in Amarillo besides my realtor, and as  fate would have it my first friend in Amarillo was my realtor’s friend Cristin Curl, who happens to be a
trainer at Nicks. She invited me to a couple workouts that she did on her own while Nicks was closed for COVID, and for the first time in my life I got my butt kicked by a girl.

I had to fix myself at that point and since Cristin always raved about Nicks I decided to go once it opened back up. After the first class the owner at the time (R.I.P Steve Nicholson) found me afterwards and
actually got to know me and cared. That same caring spirit is emulated by the trainers and it can be noticed. I was sore for days after my first class, but I was hooked. This gym is so much more than a gym.

You get to know the people you work out with every day here and they become your friends (both trainers and patrons of Nicks). There is a vibe that can’t be replicated in this gym. Two and a half years and hundreds of classes later the Navy’s moving me again. I arrived in Amarillo not knowing anyone, and
thanks to Nicks Fight Club (and the Loft Church) I’ve developed countless lifelong friendships.

If you’re reading this and you’re on the fence, give Nick’s a try. There’s nothing to lose, your first class is free. I bribe people with a Bahama Bucks snow cone after their first class when I invited them, and they
usually come back. It’s not some underground fight club; it’s a gym that kicks your butt, makes you better, and has the best people you’ll meet in Amarillo.

And if you’re into beating people up in a sanctioned and legal way they also have professional fighters that train and teach there as well (however you don’t fight people in the normal classes). This place is one of a kind and I thank the Lord he directed my path to Nicks during my time in Amarillo.

What’s your fight?