Our Founder: Steve Nicholson

Steve Nicholson originally from Oklahoma made Amarillo, Tx his home in 1991. He began inviting his friends to come work out in his garage because he always wanted to share his past knowledge of boxing with them. Nicholson began orchestrating workouts that he had done before when he was boxing When that space was outgrown, a storage area was used to provide more workout space. This is where Nick's Fight Club began. Our founder looked at everyone and saw the potential everyone had, he believed in everyone. His motto Motivate, Encourage, and Inspire still lives on today. 


About Us

Nick’s Fight Club is a boxing fitness gym specializing in one hour-long cardio boxing classes. Classes are offered every hour, on the hour (see General Information for the latest gym hours and class times). Classes are based around the workout of a boxer. They are designed to work different muscle groups providing a full-body workout. Workouts change daily as every trainer creates a customized daily workout. While classes are intense, the trainers provide modified options and exercises making the class suitable for all abilities. Class participants range from professional athletes to 75-year-olds and everyone in between. The NFC mission statement is MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE.